Saturday, October 24, 2009

Week 4 Copyright, Creative Commons, and Databases

I thought I would let you in on this live class that was held by Classroom 2.0 a Ning site that I am a member of (which by the way is a great site, I believe I have talked about it before). Anyway, on October 17th they held a class much like Wimba on a program called Elluminate. It has many of the same capabilities of Wimba such as raising your hand, voice interaction, slides, interactive questions, chat window, and whiteboard capabilities, and much more. There were two guests speakers Joyce Valenza and Buffy Hamilton. The videos are also available on itunes. The class started out copyright and creative commons. The speaker began by showing a video by one of her students that addressed creative commons. The student used South Park characters for a video creation for a class assignment. The speaker began to discuss how she was reluctant to put the item up on their school website due to the copyright laws and fair use. The rest of the class goes on to explore fair use, creative commons and how the laws are being interpreted and how they have changed. It is a long video that lasts about an hour and 20 minutes, but I thought it was perfect for week 4, since we have been discussing creative commons.

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  1. I'm always curious when I hear about students attending other sessions about Copyright, etc. Thanks for the resource.