Sunday, October 4, 2009

Week 1 More Thesis Information

I am using a social network to answer the problem of unengaged learners. I am still working on the final wording of my thesis statement, since I got feedback for Laura that I needed to change it. Anyway, I have chosen Ning as my Social Networking platform for my media project that will go with my thesis. My thoughts are that I will upload all information that I would normally give to my students in class including: a calendar of when assignments are due, all handouts, scanned copies of the reading materials (Ohh, when I wrote that I wonder if I should worry about copyright issues. Maybe it would be better just to make sure I put the reading page numbers in, but if we have already purchased the books for class, and I only allow students currently enrolled in the class to join the Ning, how would that work?), discussion questions, scanned copy of students work (with their permission of course, etc. I am hoping this is enough media and complex enough for my thesis. Any thought on this? I would hate to get started with it, and then it not be approved when it came for me to turn in my project.

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  1. I think you are heading in the right direction. As for copyright, it might fall under fair use because the school has purchased the class set and you are limiting the use to those only in the class. But it's still a bit grey. We'll talk about Fair Use in week 3. So, I continue to go from your proposed solution back to a specific question. It's a bit like properly forming a response for the jeopardy game. Good luck.