Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Week 2 Star Artist

One of the best programs I have set up for my elementary students (if not the best) is that each month I choose about ten students for STAR ARTIST. I choose ten pieces that the students took their time, followed directions, behaved in class, and just did extremely well on. These pieces of artwork are displayed each month at a local bank, the students receive a pencil, and their name goes on a list displayed in my room and in the hallway!!! The students absolutely love it!! It is really easy and inexpensive for me. I believe I spend a dollar a month on pencils, because I try to buy in bulk.
The bank employees are really great as well, they even bring the artwork back to the school, and pick up the next set of artwork. Each elementary school in the area is invited to participate
The parents also really like being able to take their students to the bank to look at their artwork!!! We get lots of compliments for community members as well. It is a great program all around.

This Ning website has a discussion forum on rewards for students in art. I found it interesting and posted the information from this blog as an answer to the behavior question.

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  1. It is so important that more and more student work is seen by more than just the teacher and more for just "correction." What a great encouragement to do better.