Saturday, October 10, 2009

Week 2 Comment

EDM613 (Week 2) Motivations for Media

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From time to time I have to ask myself, what is the motivation behind the addiction that some have for media (ie: video games, television, mp3 players etc.) I ask this because when you think about the average routine of the working man/woman -
they work their 8 hour job, and when they get home they are more than likely to use some form of media in the evening. Whether they are watching the local or world news, browsing the internet, watching movies etc., they have some motivation to do so. Imagine what our world would look like if the majority of the world spent time reading, out door activities or educating themselves instead of watching their favorite tv series’, playing xbox or researching celebrities.

My personal solution – if you are interacting with some form of media in your spare time, try researching/interacting with something educational or inspirational. Lately I have vowed to myself that if I am watching television it has to be an educational learning experience. I have been watching the Discovery Channel and absolutely am intrigued by what I have been learning about God’s creation in the deep blue sea. There have been more discoveries found miles below sea level, that are unique and very interesting. has done a great job giving info on the

Planet Earth series. Check out the link and inspire yourself…

Discovery Channel Online. Retrieved on October 9, 2009, from

Katarina McCleary
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My motivation for using media (mainly Tv and internet) after my workday comes in two parts. First, I watch Tv for entertainment. At the end of my day, I like to unwind,so my motivation is relaxation. I like to indulge in comedy and or drama. I feel I don’t have to think, I can just watch, and at the end of the day that is what I need! Secondly, I am usually on the Internet for necessity. My motivation for being on the Internet is an A, and to finish my masters. Which, I guess you could call that educational. Saying all of this doesn’t mean that I never watch educational Tv, sometimes I enjoy it, but for me I have to be entertained.

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