Friday, May 1, 2009

Ideas come from anywhere and nowhere.

The internet.
I consistently use three internet sources for ideas for lesson plans and activities. The first sight is Incredible Art Department. This site house hundreds of lesson plans for k-12 learners. Most lesson plans have everything prepared for the viewer (materials, GLES, National Standards, objectives, etc). I usually take a prepared lesson and tweak it to meet my needs. Secondly, I use a site called DickBlick. The site is mainly used for art supply ordering, but it also has a section with lesson plans. I really like that the lesson plans contain links to the product needed that send the viewer to the product in the online catalog. Finally, I also use KinderArt. KinderArt houses lesson plans for K-6.
Observing the world.
I also gather ideas from items I see everyday. I could see a pattern or color and it could spark an idea I could use within my classroom. People would also fall within this classroom. I get ideas from conversations and watching people, whether it is from their personal styles or ideas.
I love reading!!! At the elementary level I incorporate many books into my lessons. I have lesson plans that are purely based upon books. Reading books gets the students imagination running. Also, at the high school level I have students illustrate scenes out of their favorite books, or I have also had them illustrate poems that they wrote themselves.
I have crazy elaborate dreams that come from nowhere. Sometimes I wake up with ideas floating in my head.

Websites mentioned:
Incredible Art Department:
Dick Blick