Monday, July 5, 2010

Free Time

Ok, so I know I have been neglecting my blog!!! So here is the list of things I am going to attempt to change on my blog in the near future: (I would say week, but I don't think that will happen)
1. Personalize my background with photos!!
2. Work on design and layout of blog!!!
3. Begin to make weekly updates if possible!!
4. Possibly create two blogs one for personal/family/friends information and one for creative items such as jewelry making, photography, scrapbooking, art teaching items and who knows what else!
5. Post some of Matts photos, videos from BMT so family can see.
6. Email, test, etc family members my blog information so they can have access to the blog.
7. Add photos to blog.
8. write, write, write!!!

Ok so thats enough of a list for now! So in the next few days look for changes to my blog!