Sunday, October 11, 2009

Week 2 Podcasts

Through the process of looking for educational podcasts, I rediscovered a Ning community that I have been a part of for months. There are so many great resources on this Ning site for Art Educators, everything from lesson plans to discussions about school issues. If you teach art you have to check out this site!!!

So far, my favorite resources are the videos of lesson plans or the videos created to go with lessons. The one listed below is a Matisse video that was created for third graders as an introduction to who Matisse was and what type of art he created. I think this video was a great way to get the students interested the artists that they know nothing about, or for some of them care nothing about. I find in my own elementary classroom that the students tend to ignore my lessons and just want to skip to the doing portion. So, this video has inspired me to create videos of my own for my elementary classes to get them engaged before I even speak of the artist. I also feel if I put it on the TV they become more aware and hopefully will pay more attention to what I am trying to teach them, not just the process of creating.

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  1. I love this about this assignment that those who dig deep find amazing resources that they didn't preciously know about. :-)