Monday, October 19, 2009

Week 3 Reading Cont.

The idea of contribution is a great a concept. I like the idea of giving yourself to something, and not basing your value on success or failure. I like the thought that even a little bit helps. Most of us feel we are so insignificant and what I can do will not really help others, but a in the starfish story one person can help make a difference. I just have a skeptical attitude I think, because I was wondering if this idea could cause a person to go so far the opposite direction that he or she develops an attitude of ego? Just a thought.

Chapter 5, Leading from any Chair is great advice for any manager. Honestly, all managers should be required to read this chapter before they are allowed to manage anything. Throughout my short life I have had some horrendous managers, who could have really benefited from their employees if they only would have listened. Still today I get snubbed by many older teachers and staff due to the fact that I look young! Yes, I am young, but not as young as when I started. Just three weeks ago I got “in trouble” by a teacher because she thought I was a student. Now, I was a very nicely dressed student, but she didn’t seem to notice that. Anyway, I did enjoy this chapter and its concepts.

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