Friday, October 16, 2009

Week 3 Ron Smith Interview Interactive Q&A

1.The academy focuses on Careers.

2. The academy’s ideal goal for the students is to work in the entertainment industry as well as attend college.

3.What media do most students at the academy enjoy most? Animation

4. How does Ron Smith engage his students in their own learning? The use of technology, his class is his laboratory, anything that he must do to grab the students attention

5. What technology are most teacher stuck on? PowerPoint

6. Why is Ron Smith not allowing his students to use PowerPoint? PowerPoint is too simple and does not require much thought or learning (most students already know how to do this)

7. There a few new hot button technologies that are being used at the academy and they include: scratch, sketch-up, and blender.

8. Ron Smith mentioned that each of these programs cost nothing.

9. Trends in education that are just beginning include all programs going online.

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