Friday, October 16, 2009

Week 3 Comment

Trying to keep up with everything

Here I am again, trying to keep up with my life, my job, my classes and my studies. I feel like every day that goes by it is less and less the time that I have to do everything I must do. Sometimes I have to decide between finishing my assingments for Full Sail or planning the lessons for my classes, and I am not mentioning the times when I have to grade homeworks or tests. A lot of people tells me that I am crazy, that not having enough sleep is going to be bad for my health, and they are right, I am already suffering the consequences. The levels of stress that I am accumulating have made me go twice last month to the doctor with infections in my throat and lungs. I have also needed to receive a massage at least once a week, to help me relieve the back and neck pains. In spite of this situations I am convinced to finish what I started, and I am trying to organize my time the best I can, to be able to finish with the last classes at Full Sail and finish to write my thesis. I am looking foward for my two weeks' vacation in December so I have some time to rest and relax.

kswmccleary dijo...

I also hear and feel your pain two weeks ago I missed two days of school (monday and wednesday) after having a sour throat the entire week before. Now it has been four weeks since I started this junk and I am sick again with the same stuff, except this time I have a fever of 103. I have also been to the doctor twice, and they just keep putting my on medication that so far is doing nothing. I again missed two days of school this week (Thursday and Friday). Stress can really wear and tear on your body. I just watched a show that was on the Doctors this week (on Tuesday), they discussed stress and your heart rate. The expert that was called in explained that when you are stressed your heart rhythm is erratic and jagged, but when you are calm and relaxed you have a consistent relaxed heart rhythm. She suggested placing a hand on your heart, breath in and out slowly, and think of something or someone that makes you happy. It is a good exercise and it only takes a few seconds. I would recommend completing this exercise between classes. I know there seems to be no time during the day (believe me I know I actually only have 20 mins. of plan time each day and I travel between two schools) but take a few second to do this and who knows maybe you will feel better.
Another trick I learned from a veteran teacher this week that I am going to try in my own classroom starting next week is onion!! What? Yes she swears and emailed us a historical story about when the flu was killing thousands of people and one farm was not affected by the flu. The mother said that she had placed an onion in each room of the house. A visiting doctor tested the onion to find the onion carried the flu virus, but the family was not sick. The onion absorbed the bad virus and kept the family healthy. Myth or not the teacher said she used it last year in her office and no one got sick.

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