Sunday, October 18, 2009

Week 3 Women Only

The Broadroom

While sick the last two days, I caught up on my dvr Rachel Ray episodes and learned of a new webisode show created by Jennie Garth and Candance Bushnell (writer for Sex and the City). They wanted to create something different, so instead of starting a new weekly show for the tv they decided to create short shows for the web. Right now there are three episodes with a fourth coming on October 23rd. As Jennie and Candance stated on October 1st on the Rachel Ray show the point of the webisodes are to entertain. It should just be a short break from reality into the lives of other women. They have women in the episodes from ages 20-50, so there will be something for everyone. The reason I chose this website is because it is new idea to their knowledge they are the first professionals to create webisodes, and of course its for women so I couldn't pass it up!!!


  1. Interesting. Wait... should I be reading this?

  2. Did you watch the episode about being an imposter, Katarina? I'd never heard of this until combing through your blog, and I'm not a fan of TV....

    I watched the episode and can see that this is going to be a controversial show. There is so much stereotypical iconography, it is quite sickening. I mean, the show epitomizes why we, as women, have a "glass ceiling" and are in a battle in the corporate arena. It, of course, doesn't help that it is blazingly supported and endorsed by Maybelline -- and not just Maybelline, but the hot red lipstick that every woman "has to have".

    How can this be used educationally? I think it would be a great discussion piece for a women's studies/women's history/perseverance of prejudice/marketing, etc. course. If I were one of the women in the "Broadroom" I definitely feel out of place. Which character is playing *that* role?