Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Easy Photo Editing for Non-editors
Picasa is an easy to use free program that can be downloaded from the internet. The program allows the user to alter photos in basic ways. Options include:
Color photos can be changed to sepia or black and white
Tint can be applied to the photo with various colors
Photos can also be adjusted to have clear areas and fuzzy areas as well as blackened edges
Photo saturation can be changed
Photos can be cropped
Red eye can be fixed
Text can be added
Photo can be sharpened

I have my students use this site at school. It is a really easy way to allow them to use the computer to alter photos. It takes less knowledge than PhotoShop to use, but also has many limitations. Items can only be altered to a certain extent, but works for computers that do not have PhotoShop available. This program is one touch altering, but you can only alter photos from a chosen list of options.

*Note: Brandi Martin mentioned in Wimba class today that there is Photoshop program that works with Picasa- I would be really interested to see what other options this gives the editor.

Martin, B. (2009, April 21). [Wimba Session discussion]: http://fullsail.wimba.com/


  1. Thanks, this sounds like a pretty good program for beginners. But I love photoshop!!

    Linda Burns

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  3. https://www.photoshop.com/

    integrates with

    BONUS! because it is a "https" site, no filter can block it!!

    reposted for clarity and web addresses.