Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Aghh, the Iphone (sigh). I love this product!! I just received my phone yesterday and I think it is wonderful. I haven’t had much chance to play with it yet, but I am already hooked.

This list could be endless!! It has an application for almost anything you would want!! The phone has so many functions. My favorite so far are: Itunes, Maps (which I haven’t used yet, but I know I will this summer on road trips) and synch to MobileMe. I love that it synchs to my mac computer. This will be so beneficial for school and keeping up on all my work.

It doesn’t come with a book or instruction guide. I could not figure out how to get my SIM card into the phone. I had to go online and watch a video tutorial on the proper way to eject the SIM card holder. Secondly, it is a little pricey to have a monthly media plan. Other than that I have no other complaints at this point.

Answers to the disadvantages:
The media plan is pricey, but it helps you avoid a huge bill. The IPhone constantly updates, so monthly bills would be huge without the media plan. Instruction guides are available online to view at apple and there are many tutorials available. Many times I view information about my phone online over the use of my paper copy, so that idea works for me.

Art Education Application:
I downloaded a very interesting application last night. The application includes many famous artists, information about those artists, and a quiz over the information. This could come in handy as I am an art teacher. You never know when you might need some extra information or an idea.

Conclusion: I would recommend the Iphone to anyone who has a mac computer and wants to stay connected, no matter where you are at. (I am sure there are advantages for PC users as well- anyone have any comments on PC users?)

P.S. I am having trouble uploading my ical- my email works fine for my mobile me any ideas anyone?


  1. Your ical on your phone has to sync with your computer or wifi. You set this up though iTunes.

    From a posting

    I solved it by backing up my iCal data (see file menu in iCal) then I opened iSync preferences and reset my sync History. Then back in iTunes I told it sync all calendars and at the very bottom of the Info tab was a checkbox to force new data to my iPodTouch with the next sync operation. That seemed to take care of it for me.

  2. Katarina;

    I too have been drawn into iPhone mania. At present, I don't have any apps. Regards, Being app poor, I can appreciate this amazing device at it's core level. Here is my analogy: When you order a great steak & don't put steak sauce on it, you appreciate the flavor of the steak. Speaking of steak its is 6:40, time for dinner.

    - Graham

  3. Katarina,

    Welcome to the cool crowd! LOL.
    I, too have become an iPhone owner pretty recently and been enjoying the gadget immensely. I've become addicted to the thing now. So far for me, the main use of the phone has been to read the latest articles on pretty much anything, so now I read way more than before. :-) My boy friend says how I could read anything on the tiny thing but I'm used to it now. Unlike Graham, I've been adding more and more apps on my phone, now it has 6 pages(?) of the main screen. There are just too many cool apps out there: some apps are really handy and could help you work more efficiently.

    Anyway, I wrote a blog entry on iPhones myself last week. Check it out when you have time.

  4. My hubby has an iPhone and keeps telling me that I MUST have one. I think all the applications are valuable, but looking at value alone, I'm not sure I want to spend the money just yet. I'll wait for upgrade time:-)